The Village of Empress

is nestled between the Red Deer River and the South Saskatchewan River, at the eastern edge of Alberta. There is a wild feel to this quaint village surrounded by expansive farms and ranches, pronghorns, coyotes and so many different species of birds. The recreation opportunities for adventurers and star-gazers are boundless. Come and see for yourself!


Empress is located just west of the fork where the Red Deer river and the South Saskatchewan river join.           Where is Empress?

See River Levels below.

Fishing, boating, tubing!

More River photos in the area.

The Red Deer River is typically low, so we don’t recommend motor boats.  Canoeing might be difficult at times, but kayaking and tubing are great.  The Empress boat launch for the Red Deer river is located on the south side of the river in Peter Fiddler Park on the north end of town and can be found at GPS coordinates 50.965239, -110.017268.

The South Saskatchewan River is great for all boating.  The closest and best access to the SSR from Empress is at the old ferry crossing.  You can drive right up to it from the north (seeing an old wooden ferry along the way), and is at GPS coordinates 50.905240, -109.998267.

Estuary Ferry across the South Saskatchewan River, 50.946217, -109.802059
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Plan a River Trip

Here are some other convenient entry/exit points for the rivers if you are planning a river trip.  You might ask some locals for advice for these trips: Empress/Bindloss River Rat Paddlers

River Location Access GPS River Distance
Red Deer Buffalo South, drive up 50.846518, -110.695043 41.1 km to Bindloss
Red Deer Bindloss South, drive up, two locations 50.901872, -110.296739 27.3 km to Empress
Red Deer Highway 41 Bridge No access.  No trespassing.
Red Deer Range Road 14 near Empress North, drive up, walk down bank 50.951615, -110.097902 7.6 km to Empress
Red Deer Empress Boat Launch South, drive up 50.951615, -110.097902  
Red Deer & South Saskatchewan Estuary Ferry North or South, drive up. 50.946217, -109.802059 28.1 km from Empress Boat Launch
South Saskatchewan Old Bindloss Ferry North better than south, drive up. 50.633611, -110.195417 16.9 km to Sandy Point
South Saskatchewan Pipeline Crossing East, drive up. 50.684617, -110.131850 9.2 km to Sandy Point
South Saskatchewan Sandy Point / Highway 41 South, drive up boat launch. 50.731776, -110.076176 26.6 km to Empress
South Saskatchewan Empress Ferry Crossing North, drive up 50.905240, -109.998267  
South Saskatchewan Estuary Ferry North or South, drive up. 50.946217, -109.802059 17.9 km from Empress Ferry Crossing


More trip data for you:



River Levels

The following information is from Alberta River Basins Map, Alberta Environment and Parks.

Red Deer River near Bindloss

South Saskatchewan River at Medicine Hat


Historical Levels

Red Deer River near Bindloss

2000-2005 2006-2011 2012-2017 2018-2022


South Saskatchewan River at Medicine Hat

2000-2005 2006-2011 2012-2017 2018-2022
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