The Village of Empress

is situated on the West side of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and serves as a center to the surrounding farming and ranching community of 1,500 people. It has been a focal point for many activities in the area. It is also at the geographical center of many large cities in Western Canada: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina.

Rates & Fees


     Property Taxes (separate page)
     Bimonthly Municipal Services Bill
     Equipment Rates
     Miscellaneous Labour Rates for Bylaw Infraction Remediation

Bimonthly Municipal Services Bill

The municipal services covered by the bi-monthly (once every two months), bill, are Water, Sewer, and Garbage.

The current regular bimonthly rates for residences are:

Water $60.00 + $1.55 per cubic metre
Sewer $20.00
Garbage $44.00


That means that your bill will have a total base charge of $124.00, plus an additional $1.55 per cubic metre of water usage, plus GST.

The details for Water, Sewer, and Garbage are in the sections below.

Here is a comparison of water, sewer, and garbage utility rates for Empress and several other areas. As you will see when you study it, our rates are really good in comparison to those others.

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As per Bylaw # 2020-07 (effective April 22, 2020):

Class “A”: Rates for Metered Services (Other Than Water Tower) (add GST)

Base Charge per 2 month billing period $60.00
Per cubic metre $1.55
Unmetered per 2 month billing period $150.00
Water Meter and back plate At cost
Vacation rate (minimum 60 days away) 50%


Class “B”: Temporary Use Rate (add GST)

Deposit $100.00
Per month $50.00


Class “C”: Installation and Removal Charge for Seasonal Meter Installation (add GST)

15mm (5/8”) Service $50.00
20mm (3/4”) Service $50.00
25mm (1”) Service $50.00
32mm (1 1/4”) Service $65.00
38mm (1 ½”) Service $65.00


Class “D”: Service To Property for Garden or Lawn Sprinklers (add GST)

Seasonal disconnect or reconnect fee $25.00


Class “E”: Water Reservoir Rate (add GST)

Per cubic metre $3.65


Miscellaneous Fees, Rates and Charges (add GST)

Bylaw Section Description Price
10(b)(i) Deposit for use of hydrant $355.00
10(b)(v) Minimum charge for use of hydrant $100.00
16 Disconnection of service* At cost
20 Service Line Repair/Replacement At cost
21 & 22 Thawing frozen service & Service Callout (per hour) $50.00
23(a) Meter repair or replacement Cost of labour and materials
23(d)(iii) 15mm, 20mm & 25mm water meter initial installation $50.00
23(d)(iii) 15mm, 20mm & 25mm water meter replacement $100.00
23(d)(iii) 32mm & 38mm water meter initial installation $60.00
23(d)(iii) 32mm & 38mm water meter replacement $120.00
23(d)(iii) Over 38mm water meter initial installation $75.00
23(d)(iii) Over 38mm water meter replacement $150.00
34 Dispute Meter Test Commercial** At cost
38(b) Disconnection of Service*** $50.00
38(b) Reconnection of Service*** $50.00
38(c) Disconnection of Service*** $25.00
38(c) Reconnection of Service*** $25.00
39 Application Fee $10.00
42 Penalty 4% bimonthly
43(b)(1) Disconnection of Service*** $50.00
43(b)(2) Reconnection of Service*** $50.00
44 Non attendance after appointment has been scheduled $50.00


* Total cost of digging up any service to disconnect will be charged to homeowner.
** Meters are tested by a third party, and the fee shall be the cost of the third party test plus shipping, if applicable.
*** Emergency after hours, holidays, weekends and evenings shall be 1 ½ times the rates listed.

Note: wherever applicable, the goods and services tax shall be added to the fees, rates, charges or other amounts payable to the Village.

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As per Bylaw # 2014-03 (effective October 20, 2016):

Billing period is bimonthly, GST is added.

Monthly interest rate on overdue accounts, pursuant to subsection 20(2) 4% bimonthly
Residential/Small Commercial $20.00
Large Commercial $98.00
Billing Period bi-monthly
Service Calls, Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. $50.00 / hour, minimum 1 hour
Vacation Rate 50%


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As per Bylaw # 2016-01 (effective February 11, 2016):

Garbage curbside pickup is on Wednesdays. Billing period is bimonthly, GST is added.

Residential/Small commercial, 4 or less bags/week $44.00
Commercial, 5-9 bags/week $49.00
Large Commercial, 10-15 bags/week $65.00


Penalty: A penalty of four percent (4%) will be added to the arrears balance of all accounts bimonthly.

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As per Bylaw # 2019-04 (effective June 20, 2019):

Land Title – Transfers $100.00 + GST admin only
Land Title – Other $40.00 + GST admin only
Tax Certificate $30.00
Land Title or Search $12.00
Administration Fees $30.00/hour + GST
Development Permits $25.00
Land Use Bylaw copied $15.00 + GST
Or download for free
     8.5″ x 11″ or 8.5″ x 14″ black & white
     8.5″ x 11″ or 8.5″ x 14″ colour
     11″ x 17″
GST included
25¢ per copy
50¢ per copy
50¢ per copy
     In Canada
     Out of Canada
GST included
$2.00 Sending or Receiving
$5.00 Sending or Receiving
N.S.F. Cheques $25.00
Penalty on Accounts Receivable 4% every 30 days, from date of invoice


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Equipment Rates

As per Bylaw # 2019-04 (effective June 20, 2019):

GST is added.

Heavy Equipment; Grader w/operator, backhoe w/operator, Loader w/operator $100.00 per hour, minimum ½ hour
Gravel Truck w/operator, Bob Cat w/operator $80.00 / hour, minimum ½ hour
Truck ½ ton w/operator $45.00 / hour, minimum ½ hour


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Miscellaneous Labour Rates for Bylaw Infraction Remediation

As per Bylaw # 2019-04 (effective June 20, 2019):

GST is added.

Grass Cutting $50.00 / 25′ frontage lot
Snow Removal, property cleanup, etc. $50.00 / hour, minimum ½ hour charge


These rates are for labour only.  Should equipment be required for the remediation, the equipment rates would also apply.

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As per Bylaw No. 2019-04 (effective June 20, 2019):

Peter Fidler Campground and Uptown Campground sites.  GST is included.

Serviced R.V. sites $22.00 / day
Weekly rate $140.00 / week
Monthly rate $540.00 / month
3 months to 6 months $500.00 / month
6 months and over $405.00 / month
Non Serviced sites $15.00 / day


Note: Serviced sites have power, sewer, and water from approximately the end of April to the end of October.

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As per Bylaw # 2019-04 (effective June 20, 2019):

Prices per cubic metre, add GST.

Drain Rock $11.50
Road Crush – resident $10.00
Road Crush – industrial $11.50
Reject Crush $10.00
Pit Run $3.25
Sand $2.50
Dirt Fill $2.50
Top Soil Not available


Gravel Delivery Rates (within Village of Empress only)

per loader bucket trip $20.00
per truck trip $40.00


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