The Village of Empress

is situated on the West side of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and serves as a center to the surrounding farming and ranching community of 1,500 people. It has been a focal point for many activities in the area. It is also at the geographical center of many large cities in Western Canada: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina.


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Older Minutes that are not here on the website can be requested from the Village Office.

Date Type Agenda Minutes
2022-09-15 Regular Council Agenda
2022-09-09 Special Council Agenda
2022-08-18 Regular Council Agenda
2022-08-18 Special Council Organizational Agenda
2022-08-10 Special Council Agenda
2022-07-28 Special Council Agenda Minutes
2022-07-21 Regular Council Agenda Minutes
2022-06-29 Regular Council Agenda Minutes
2022-06-23 Special Council Agenda Minutes
2022-06-01 Regular Council Agenda Minutes
2022-05-26 Special Council Minutes
2022-04-14 Regular Council Agenda Minutes (Draft)
2022-04-14 Special Council Agenda
2022-03-21 Special Council
2022-02-23 Special Council
2022-02-17 Regular Council Agenda
2022-01-27 Regular Council Agenda Minutes
2021-12-15 Regular Council Agenda Minutes
2021-11-25 Regular Council Agenda Minutes
2021-10-28 Regular Council Minutes
2021-10-27 Special Council Organizational Minutes
2021-09-23 Regular Council Minutes
2021-09-16 Regular Council Minutes
2021-06-17 Regular Council Minutes
2021-05-20 Special Council Minutes
2021-05-20 Regular Council Minutes
2021-04-15 Regular Council Minutes
2021-04-06 Regular Council Minutes
2021-03-18 Regular Council Minutes
2021-02-18 Regular Council Minutes
2021-01-21 Regular Council Minutes
2020-12-17 Regular Council Minutes
2020-11-19 Regular Council Minutes
2020-10-22 Regular Council Minutes
2020-10-22 Special Council Organizational Minutes
2020-09-28 Special Council Minutes
2020-09-17 Regular Council Minutes
2020-08-20 Regular Council Minutes
2020-08-10 Hall Committee Minutes
2020-07-27 Special Council Minutes
2020-06-18 Regular Council Minutes
2020-06-08 Hall Committee Minutes
2020-05-28 Special Council Agenda Minutes
2020-05-21 Regular Council Minutes
2020-05-21 Special Council Agenda Minutes
2020-04-22 Regular Council Minutes
2020-03-25 Regular Council Minutes
2020-03-02 Hall Committee Minutes
2020-02-18 Regular Council Minutes
2020-02-03 Hall Committee Minutes
2020-01-21 Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Minutes
2020-01-21 Recreation Committee Minutes
2020-01-16 Regular Council Minutes
2020-01-16 Regular Council Minutes
2020-01-14 Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Minutes
2020-01-14 Recreation Committee Minutes
2020-01-07 Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Minutes
2020-01-07 Recreation Committee Minutes
2020-01-06 Hall Committee Minutes
2020-01-06 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-12-17 Special Council Minutes
2019-12-09 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-11-25 Regular Council Minutes
2019-11-12 Special Council Minutes
2019-11-04 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-10-17 Regular Council Minutes
2019-10-17 Special Council Organizational Minutes
2019-10-07 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-09-19 Regular Council Minutes
2019-09-16 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-08-15 Regular Council Minutes
2019-08-12 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-07-23 Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Minutes
2019-07-23 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-06-20 Regular Council Minutes
2019-06-18 Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Minutes
2019-06-11 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-05-16 Regular Council Minutes
2019-05-14 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-05-08 Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Minutes
2019-04-18 Regular Council Minutes
2019-04-15 Special Council Minutes
2019-04-08 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-03-19 Regular Council Minutes
2019-03-12 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-02-21 Regular Council Minutes
2019-02-06 Hall Committee Minutes
2019-01-17 Regular Council Minutes
2019-01-07 Hall Committee Minutes
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