The Village of Empress

is nestled between the Red Deer River and the South Saskatchewan River, at the eastern edge of Alberta. There is a wild feel to this quaint village surrounded by expansive farms and ranches, pronghorns, coyotes and so many different species of birds. The recreation opportunities for adventurers and star-gazers are boundless. Come and see for yourself!

Council Committee Appointments


Board and Committee Appointments

Acadia Foundation Seniors Housing Kelly Burgess
Big Country Medical Dental Board Kelly Burgess
Big Country Waste Management Commission Arlen Johnston
Development Officer Gary Peers
Disaster Services AKA Emergency Management Committee Victoria Munroe (Director), Darren Dick (Deputy Director), Arlen Johnston, Dawna Martin, Kelly Burgess
Director of Emergency Management Mayor Arlen Johnston
Deputy Director of Emergency Management Fire Chief Chad Van Dam
FOIP Coordinator (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy) Gary Peers
Joint Assessment Review Board (JARB & CARB) Appointed as needed from a pool of trained members by regional agreements.
Marigold Library System Board Kelly Burgess
Empress Municipal Library Board Library Board: Donna Habich (chair), Kelly Burgess, Joan Bouvier, June Johanson, Judy Marshall, Vivian Walsh Mosely, Clint Steinley, Nora Sunderland
Municipal Planning Commission Dawna Martin, Arlen Johnston, Leo Hensel
Oyen & District Health Care Foundation Kelly Burgess
Palliser Economic Partnership Arlen Johnston, Gary Peers
Palliser Regional Municipal Services Dawna Martin, Gary Peers
Red Deer River Watershed Alliance Arlen Johnston
Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Appointed as needed from a pool of trained members by regional agreements.




Community Committees
(aka Committees of Council)

These committees are not active right now, but may be again.


Empress Airport Advisory Committee Arlen Johnston, Neal Sunderland, Ken Rafa, Ken Gill, Steve Springett
Empress Hospital Advisory Board Kelly Burgess, Neal Sunderland, Darlene Gill, Ken Rafa
Empress Parks, Trails and Recreation Advisory Board Dawna Martin, Dave Durand, Tamara Ravenwood
Empress Community Hall Advisory Board Replaced by the Empress & District Fine Arts, Cultural and Leisure Society.  See the page for the Empress Community Hall.


These community committees got their start with the public Strategic Planning meetings that were held in 2017.  The committees consist of one Village of Empress Councillor and members of the public who are interested.

Their purpose is to think up ideas for how to develop or make better use of these resources, then create proposals (including plans, budgets, and fundraising), then finally present those proposals to the Village of Empress Council.

{ Link to “Project Business Case Development” }

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