The Village of Empress

is nestled between the Red Deer River and the South Saskatchewan River, at the eastern edge of Alberta. There is a wild feel to this quaint village surrounded by expansive farms and ranches, pronghorns, coyotes and so many different species of birds. The recreation opportunities for adventurers and star-gazers are boundless. Come and see for yourself!



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Bylaws that are given in bold, are current and in force.

Past years Tax Bylaws are available on our Property Taxes webpage.

Number Topic Short Name Long Name File
2023-03 Administration Debts Owing Bylaw to move Debts owing to Municipality to Tax Role PDF
2023-02 Tax Penalty Property Tax Penalties Bylaw. PDF
2023-01 Tax Tax Rate Property Tax Rate Bylaw PDF
2022-11 Administration Borrowing Bylaw to allow authorize temporary borrowing, ATB Mastercard PDF
2022-10 Administration Fee Review Fee Review Bylaw
2023-04-19 Updated Municipal Fees
2022-09 Administration Debts Owing Bylaw to move Debts owing to Municipality to Tax Role (Repealed) PDF
2022-08 Administration Renumber Bylaw to allow CAO to renumber Bylaws for IT purposes PDF
2022-07 Administration Asst CAO Create the position of Assistant Administrator PDF
2022-06 Administration CAO Create the Position of CAO PDF
2022-05 Tax Penalty Tax Penalty Bylaw for unpaid taxes PDF
2022-04 Tax Tax Rate 2022 Tax Rate Bylaw PDF
2022-03 Traffic Traffic Traffic Bylaw – DEFEATED
2022-02 Streets Repeal Repeal Sidewalks & Boulevards Bylaw 2019-01 PDF
2022-01 Council Procedural Procedural Bylaw for Council, Committee & Public Meetings PDF
2021-08 Committees Hall Repeal Hall Committee Bylaw 2017-06 PDF
2021-07 Boards JARB Bylaw to Create the Joint Assessment Review Board PDF
2021-06 Emergency Fire Empress Fire Bylaw PDF
2021-05 Streets Traffic Repeal Empress Traffic Bylaw 1963-09 PDF
2021-04 Development LUB Amend Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 2013-07, Parts I-VI, Tiny Homes PDF
2021-03 Enforcement Bylaw Enforcement Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bylaw PDF
2020-14 Road Road Closure Road Closure Bylaw PDF
2020-13 Emergency Emergency Region Emergency Management Agency & Advisory Committee PDF
2020-12 Enforcement Weeds Weed Inspector Appointment PDF
2020-11 Administration ICF Intermunicipal Framework Collaboration with Schedule A PDF
2020-10 Development MDP Municipal Development Plan with Schedule A PDF
2020-09 Development LUB Amend Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 2013-07 with Schedule A PDF
2020-08 Committees EcDev Repeal Economic Development Committee Bylaw 1996-04 MS Word
2020-07 Services Water Water Bylaw PDF
2020-06 Boards SDAB Palliser Intermunicipal Subdivision & Development Appeal Board PDF
2020-03 Emergency EMA Repeal Emergency Management Agency Bylaw 2007-01 MS Word
2020-01 Committees Tourism Repeal Tourism Action Committee Bylaw 1993-03 MS Word
2019-08 Services Recreation Repeal Recreation Bylaw 1985-23 MS Word
2019-07 Administration Permits Repeal Peddler & Hawker Bylaw 1985-22 MS Word
2019-06 Emergency Emergency Emergency Management Bylaw PDF
2019-05 Services Recreation Repeal Recreation Area Bylaw 1981-01 MS Word
2019-04 Administration Fees Municipal Services Fees PDF
2019-02 Development LUB Amend Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 2013-07, Part I-VI, Cannabis PDF
2018-08 Services Cemetery Cemetery Bylaw PDF
2018-05 Administration Animals Dog Bylaw PDF
2018-02 Administration Advertising Advertising Bylaw PDF
2017-09 Committees Recreation Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Bylaw PDF
2017-08 Committees Hospital Old Hospital(s) Advisory Committee PDF
2017-07 Committees Airport Airport Advisory Committee PDF
2017-02 Streets Driveways Driveways & Culverts Bylaw PDF
2016-07 Services Sewer Sewer Bylaw PDF
2016-06 Administration ATCO ATCO Electric Franchise Agreement Bylaw PDF
2016-01 Services Garbage Garbage Bylaw PDF
2015-08 Tax TIP Tax Instalment Payment Plan Bylaw PDF
2015-07 Administration Animals Domestic Animals Bylaw PDF
2015-04 Streets Addressing Address Numbering Bylaw PDF
2014-13 Committees Cemetery Cemetery Committee Bylaw & Schedules PDF
2014-09 Streets Traffic Empress Traffic Bylaw PDF
2014-04 Administration FOIP Freedom of Information Protocol Bylaw PDF
2013-07 Land Land Use Empress Land Use Bylaw PDF
2013-04 Enforcement Nuisance Nuisance & Unsightly Premises Bylaw PDF
2001-03 Administration Assessor Bylaw to Name Assessor as a Designated Officer PDF
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