The Village of Empress

is situated on the West side of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border and serves as a center to the surrounding farming and ranching community of 1,500 people. It has been a focal point for many activities in the area. It is also at the geographical center of many large cities in Western Canada: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina.

2021 Municipal Election

The Council for the Village of Empress is composed of three Empress residents, chosen by election every four years.  The roles of Mayor and Deputy Mayor are chosen by the Council amongst themselves once per year.

The polls closed at 8:00 pm on October 18, 2021.

The new council for the Village of Empress is:

Martin Jarvis
Dan Moslamani
Clinton Steinley

See our Meet Your Council for more information when it becomes available.

UNOFFICIAL Election Results:

Empress Municipal
Referendum Vote
Senate Election






Old Information


The 2021 Municipal Election will be held on October 18, 2021.

Nominations closed at Noon on September 20, 2021.

Voting will take place from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Curling Rink Lounge.  Entrance is at the north-west corner of the Empress-Bindloss Agridome.

There are six (6) candidates for Councillor for the Village of Empress, for three (3) positions. Here is the list of candidates.

In conjunction with the Municipal Election will be the The Senate Election and Referendum Vote.  There are two Referendum Questions, regarding Equalization and Daylight Savings Time.  See those questions on the Elections Alberta website.


Thinking about running for Municipal Council?

Nominations may be submitted to the Village Office from January 1 up until 12 Noon on Nomination day, which is September 20, 2021.  There is no fee for nominations.

2021-Jul-29: Notice of Nomination Day

Below are a few of the resources that have been created by the Alberta Government, AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) and RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta) to help answer some of the questions you may have about what is involved with the position of Municipal Councillor. There are many more resources available online. Another way to find out is to talk to your current or past Councillors, or the Municipal Administrator.

Alberta: A Candidate’s Guide: Running for Municipal Office in Alberta

Alberta: What Every Councillor Needs To Know! A Council Member Handbook

Alberta: Roles and responsibilities of municipal officials

AUMA: Life as a municipal elected official – Learning Never Ends (YouTube Video)

AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) website

RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta) website

Below are listed the relevant parts of the Local Authorities Election Act that are important to those who wish to be nominated.  If you don’t want to read them, then perhaps you should rethink your desire to be a Councillor, since the position will require you to read lots and lots of stuff like this!  So download and read the Local Authorities Election Act!

21 Qualification of candidates
22 Ineligibility
27 Form of nomination
28 Nominations
29 Deposit
30 Disposition of deposit
47 Eligibility to vote
68.1 Option for official agent
150 Offences — integrity of the vote
151 Offence — candidate’s acceptance

Download the Nomination Form: Form 4 – Nomination Paper and Candidate’s Acceptance

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